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  1. "Which Update?" Is the Wrong Question

    Now you may be thinking, if Panda is about content and more specifically, getting rid of low-quality or thin content (which it is), then how can a drop in results right after a Panda update not relate to having low-quality content or content that...

  2. 14 Ultimate Link-Building Guidelines to Keep Safe in 2014

    What’s the quality vs.quantity, or signal vs.noise ratio? Your links having their own links is a much stronger signal and the link to you becomes a by-product of great content and not the main goal. Give Them Something That Can Send Them Your Traffic.

  3. Nuances of Spanish Language Search Marketing

    Make sure to also set up your sitemap and Webmaster Tools correctly which will also signal Google with which page belongs to which country. Having duplicate content can result in loss of traffic, poorer rankings, and lower relevancy for engines.

  4. How Personalizing Websites With Dynamic Content Increases Engagement

    Having personalized content geared toward the searchers query on the page also provides a strong signal to Google of what the page is about, further enhancing the organic traffic to the page. Updating your site with new content isn't enough to...

  5. Matt Cutts: Facebook, Twitter Social Signals Not Part of Google Search Ranking Algorithms

    But don't necessarily assume that just because there is a signal on Facebook or Twitter that Google is able to access that. While some SEO professionals focus on social media for the rankings potential, others strictly look at social for the...