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Traffic Engine Optimization Snake Oil

  1. SEO Mos Def Busted by WA State Atty General: $450,000 Penalty Looms

    While the SEO standards debate rages, the search marketing industry continues to be perceived as purveyors of snake oil and predators of small business owners. SEATTLE – A Washington-based company that sells search engine optimization (SEO...

  2. Search Marketing 2004: What's Right, What's Wrong

    Lest we forget, the author of that piece, Paul Boutin, also referred to "dubious experts" and advised readers to "avoid the snake oil. Mercifully, after ranking in the top three on Google for the phrase "search engine optimization" for several...

  3. The Search Engine Update, March 18, 2003, Number 145

    This definitive guide to search engine optimization and marketing offers solid fundamental advice for creating search engine friendly sites, at the same time debunking myths and snake oil "techniques" that can bedevil the unwary webmaster.