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  1. 6 Reasons the Website (vs. Social Media) Should Be the Ultimate Destination for the Brand

    Google automatically Gmail with contacts on Google+, and limits circles to 5,000. Rather than being viewed as an additional standalone destination, social media best serves the brand who views social as a qualified source of traffic to the website.

  2. It Doesn't Matter What You Call Your Online Strategy!

    Yet others are saying "SEO" isn't the most accurate name to use anymore either (which feels a bit like we're going round in circles, SEO was once a buzzword too! For example, converting that traffic into customers, or engaging via social channels...

  3. Why 7 Search Results in Google Should be Your Brand New Lucky Number

    Search Engine Land's credentials are signalled to Google via their own authorship markup and also the fact that this story has been shared by someone in Allen's Google+ circles – not to mention that Danny Sullivan also has some significant ties to...