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Trademark Geico

  1. Who Owns the Brand?

    Geico argued unsuccessfully that Google's ad platform created brand confusion. Geico lost its 2004 legal action against Google. The strategy by trademark owners seems to be finding a new argument and go to court.

  2. EFF Backs Google Trademark Advertising Methods

    Similar to the case dismissed against Geico, Rescuecom continued its legal battle and went to a Federal appelate court which should reach an opinion very soon. Google's allowing of advertising on trademarked keywords has received the support of the...

  3. Google & GEICO Settle Dispute

    Google Victorious in Trademark Lawsuit with Geico Geico, Google settle lawsuit from Reuters notes that Google and Geico have settled their dispute over ads linked to terms that are also GEICO's trademarks.

  4. U.S. District Court Judge Issues Written Decision in Geico v. Google AdWords Case reports that the judge in the Geico v. Geico? Geico Direct? The judge found that there was infringement where the terms were used in the text of sponsored ads.In a ruling issued on Monday [8/8/05], Judge Brinkema ruled that GEICO had ?

  5. Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Developments With Consumer Search

    As it turned out, the Google-Geico case gave Google a victory in selling ads linked to words that are also trademarks. You won't understand trademark issues, if you don't contemplate the impact editorial listings may have on consumers who also view...