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Trademark Eric Goldman

  1. Courts Need Consensus on Trademark Law and Search

    In most Circuit Courts – other than the Second Circuit courts in New York, Vermont and Connecticut – the findings have been that keyword advertising is a trademark use in commerce, as Eric Goldman, an Internet law professor at Santa Clara...

  2. Trademark Law - What Search Marketers Should Know, Part 1

    Eric Goldman, assistant professor of law and director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University School of Law, called U.S.trademark law "a disaster" for search, and says it's unlikely to be resolved in the courts anytime soon.

  3. Search and the Law: Professor Eric Goldman

    As part of a series looking at Internet and intellectual property law, Eric Goldman, assistant professor and director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University, discusses self-service IP enforcement, current search engine lawsuits...

  4. Don't Sue Over Keywords

    Eric Goldman, who follows search and related tech cases closely, says "it's often irrational to bring lawsuits over keywords. When it comes to trademark protection, don't sue over keywords. Not to mention the waste of time and money, too.

  5. Google Fights for Its Trademark

    Attorney-bloggers John Welch, Rebecca Tushnet, and Eric Goldman have details. Google has sued serial trademark litigant and self-styled "intellectual property entrepreneur" Leo Stoller for false advertising, unfair competition and RICO violations...

  6. Google Won Keyword Trademark Lawsuit: Rescuecom v. Google

    District Court, northern district of New York, went "against all four precedent rulings" on this case, said Eric Goldman. Eric Goldman explained that the court used the 1-800 Contacts precedent in this case to reject pretty much all of Rescuecom's...

  7. Google CEO Maps Missions, Stays on Message

    Jason” Goldman is leaving the building [Google”, evhead Subdomains Trademark Violations? Recent Trademark Filings: Yahoo, AOL, Viacom, Put Google CEO Eric Schmidt on stage with SEW's Danny Sullivan and you get an entertaining and...