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  1. Why the Twitter ‘Who Gives a Tweet’ Researchers are Wrong

    And why on earth would you want to filter out a single customer, is that a worthwhile trade-off to save a bit of time? A well-received tweet is not all that common," Bernstein told a CMU publication. In 25 percent of cases, tweets were not worth...

  2. SearchDay | My Wife, the Editor

    When approaching an editor of a newspaper, trade publication, or a major publication, if you want the quote, if you want the link, treat these people with the respect they've come to know and love. My Wife, the Editor LINK LOVE Editor of any kind...

  3. A Tale of Two Links

    I was standing around my trade show booth at SES San Jose, minding my own business. Not long after this article got posted I got a voicemail from a major law publication. The outcomes were very different.

  4. Print Journalists Optimistic...Or Not

    And, as I mentioned last December in my article, "Blogs Are the New Trade Press," if you look at the top referrers in your web analytics software, don't be surprised to see that a disproportionate percentage of your web traffic comes from blogs.

  5. Top News Stories from SES Chicago

    One is Webmaster Radio, which provided extensive trade show coverage, including: The 88-page glossy publication contains more than the list of sponsors, exhibitors, sessions and training. That's not surprising, considering that there were a total...