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Tracking Analytics Code

  1. How to Implement Adjusted Bounce Rate (ABR) via Google Tag Manager [Tutorial]

    By adding one line of code to your Google Analytics snippet, you could fire off an event to GA after a certain amount of time elapsed. Now we need a tracking tag to communicate with Google Analytics so the event can be captured in our reporting.

  2. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    You simply take that code and put it right into your article. Below shows the code you get when you click "embed. or hashtag (, you can manually retweet by doing some cutting and pasting, so it would look like this: "RT @sewatch Top 5...

  3. Demographics and Interests: Coming to a Google Analytics Profile Near You

    Above, you can see a note stating you’re required to make a small change to your tracking code. The code changes are fairly straightforward; we just need to replace one line of the script. I was really excited to see some new information in one of...