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  1. Technorati Announces Winners of Contest

    More cool tools and apps to check out including Michael Dale's "Touchgraph Intergration" that will permit you to use the popular visualization software to look at Technorati results. Shortly before the New Year holiday I posted that Feedster had...

  2. A Groxis Update

    Amazon, Google, and LiveJournal visualization tools from TouchGraph Matt at the Merc reports about the latest goings on at info visualization tool Groxis in the article: Groxis moves up in the world. You'll read about the move to a new office along...

  3. The Search Engine Update, July 15, 2002, Number 129

    TouchGraph GoogleBrowser Perhaps TouchGraph will be the one, but I wouldn't expect that. TouchGraph is fun to play with, but usabilitywise, I doubt most people will keep going back to it.