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  1. 30% of Ecommerce Site Traffic Came from Mobile in 2013 [Study]

    It's interesting to note the data showed only 4 percent of orders were placed from mobile devices, but of those who placed an order, the order value was on par with those coming from desktop. What it found was 30 percent of site traffic came from...

  2. Google Analytics Language Report: What You Can Learn About Your Visitors

    This orders the data based on its performance and the volume of visits – meaning your high bounce rate report doesn't feature just the languages, which had a small amount of visits. Visits: Tells you the total number of sessions logged with that...

  3. Google Reports Surge in Government Takedown Requests

    In this particular time period, we received court orders in several countries to remove blog posts criticising government officials or their associates. Brazil and the U.S.led the world for total requests for takedowns through a court order.

  4. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    Perfect Orders Determine the difference between total benefits and total costs. GOAL: Aid Conversion (Social Proof), Reduce Photography Costs user-generated brand photos X _____% photo shoot quality X $_____ equivalent photo shoot total costs...

  5. The 5-Step Plan to PPC Prioritization for Maximum Profits

    Profit: Profit per customer multiplied by total orders CPA: Media Cost divided by Orders Orders: Clicks multiplied by CR Plan for a total of $10,000 in testing budget and also sufficiently plan for and allocate design and IT resources to the project.

  6. Google Reveals More Government Search Censorship Requests

    Over the weekend, data was released for the period of July to December 2011, showing a total of 467 court orders and 561 other requests (by executives, police, remove almost 12,000 pieces of content from their search index.

  7. Google Transparency Report Now Shows User Data Requests

    Not all information is included in the report, as some government orders require non-disclosure. China made only three requests, total. Those requests covered 11,057 total accounts. From there, we range from the Switzerland-level (Switzerland had...