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  1. What is SEM? Depends on Who You Ask

    They reinforce the separation in site navigation, presenting advertising topics only under SEM. In the early 2000s, search engine marketing (SEM) was originally defined as the umbrella under which both paid and organic search would fall.

  2. Influence the Influencers: The Magic of Co-Created Social Content

    Topics Somehow people that love you and what you do gather together and say all kinds of nice things. Right? Well, maybe, if you know how to get the right kinds of attention from other influencers in your community.

  3. A 5-Step Action Plan for Influencer Marketing & 9 Expert Tips to Get You Started

    The social web is full of people who are passionately engaged in topics that impact your business. The real question is can you do good influencer marketing? The leading brands and agencies have understood influence isn't about megaphones and...

  4. Why Content Marketers Should Step Back From Creation and Focus On Strategy

    SMBs are often clearer about their topics and audience but have a more difficult time actually executing on content creation. Demand Metric recently published their content marketing benchmark survey, in which they asked 521 marketers about their...