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  1. Mobile Advertising Measurement: Winning the Long Game

    The ultimate goal is to have your app at the top of the user's mind when they are ready to make a purchase. The goal of long-term campaigns is to make an impact in one of three primary areas: user acquisition, re-engagement, and brand awareness.

  2. 10 Video SEO Tips That Can Truly Impact Your Rankings

    A great way to leverage YouTube for all its awareness value, while contributing to your own video SEO, is to create shorter video previews for your content and use YouTube's annotations to place in-video CTA that drive viewers back to your site's...

  3. The New Inbox: The Intersection of Email, Mobile & Social Marketing

    The panel also discussed why it's more important than ever to optimize the customer experience with mobile in mind. Often a company's top email business objectives include increasing the following: revenue, website traffic, or leads.

  4. How to Create Effective Content to Help SEO & Sales: 3 Top Ideas

    Hardly what one would expect from sellers of office supplies, the ElfYourself phenomenon did wonders for bringing links and raising top of mind awareness for the brand. Through what we’ve been terming content marketing, which is really something PR...