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Top 30 Super Bowl 2012

  1. How Vine Has Changed the Video Landscape in Just 12 Months

    From the Super Bowl to the Winter Olympics and then the World Cup in Brazil, the opportunity for advertisers to follow the fans and engage in a global conversation is ripe. The most recent post is the Super Bowl Special, which showcased these three...

  2. The 2014 Super Bowl Commercials Just Kicked Off

    The average length of the top 10 Super Bowl ads more than doubled (112 percent) from 2010-2013, from 42 seconds to 89 seconds. In 2012, it took 57 views to generate one share, in 2013, it took 31 views.of the top 10 most shared Super Bowl ads of...

  3. 75% of Most Shared Super Bowl 2012 Video Ads Launched Before Super Sunday

    For example, the playbook reveals that three-quarters of the top 20 ads from Super Bowl 2012 were launched online before the big game. Unruly’s infographic also shows “The Top 10 Super Bowl Social Video Facts Every Brand Should Know.

  4. Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show Tops Google Searches [Infographic]

    Top Super Bowl XLVI Searches revealed the Super Bowl search trends. Giants QB and Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, and Patriots running back Danny Woodhead rounded out the top five...

  5. Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning: Brady Searches Top Google, Yahoo

    Top Super Bowl Questions on Yahoo Other hot searches included “funny Super Bowl commercials,” “cost of Super Bowl commercials,” “top 10 Super Bowl commercials,” “Super Bowl commercial transcripts,” and “new Super Bowl commercials.

  6. 2011 Super Bowl Predictions: 'Volkswagen Commercial: The Force' Beats 'Audi - Goodnight Commercial'

    But with the Fox Network charging an estimated $2.8 million to $3 million for a 30-second spot, this means advertisers are spending as much as $100,000 a second to be seen by an audience that may or may not top the record of 106.5 million people...