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  1. SearchDay | The Future of Affiliate Marketing

    The Future of Affiliate Marketing SEW EXPERTS: SEM CROSSFIRE Affiliate marketing and paid search share a lowly position in the marketing efforts of most Fortune 500 companies, mainly because it seems like a lot of work for a little return.

  2. SearchDay | Twitter 101

    SEW EXPERTS: SEM CROSSFIRE Google will always be a major presence on the Web, and the place to go for certain types of information. Twitter 101, Part 1 SEW EXPERTS: SEM 101 This three-part article is for those who are just getting started with...

  3. SearchDay | Social Media Madness -- The Sweet 16

    SEW EXPERTS: SEM CROSSFIRE Requesting links is like asking someone to be your Valentine. Social Media Marketing 101, Part 2 SEW EXPERTS: SEM 101 Social media marketing can be a great arrow in your quiver of marketing tools.

  4. SearchDay | Should Google Buy Twitter?

    SEW EXPERTS: SEM CROSSFIRE If Google were to buy Twitter and keep it as a free tool, it would give them the hottest thing in social media right now and an area that could use some help with tracking success.

  5. SearchDay | Universal Search Should Be a Plus

    SEM CROSSFIRE Could our industry's Big Three replace the old ones? Keyword Discovery 101, Part 1 SEM 101 Developing proficiency for identifying and refining your keywords crosses many disciplines. Google Creates One Page for Webmaster Tools...

  6. SearchDay | SEO Dreams are Made of This

    Creating Simple, Yet Impressive Charts SEM CROSSFIRE Making reports that can be viewed and understood by clients or C-level executives can be challenging, but one impactful way to provide the data is with charts.

  7. SearchDay | Measuring a Text Ad's Effectiveness

    Google's New Tools for Site Link Strengthening SEM CROSSFIRE Google recently turned its focus on helping webmasters to address 404 error pages, which don't pass link authority and negatively impact the user experience.

  8. SearchDay | Common Problems with 404 Error Pages

    Common Problems with 404 Error Pages SEM CROSSFIRE Misconfigured 404 error pages can affect your search engine rankings. Using Twitter as an Education Tool SEM.EDU Innovations are popping up everywhere as educators find more uses for Twitter and...