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  1. Social Media Marketing 101, Part 2

    Do you need to produce a video or a podcast before you start the campaign? Social media marketing (SMM) can be a great arrow in your quiver of marketing tools. Social Media Types and Tools In Part 1, I reviewed four types of social media tools/sites.

  2. SearchDay: Google AdWords Editor a Great Tool for Content

    If you're looking for more advice from David, you can find it via his brand-spanking-new podcast airing on beginning today, "PPC Rockstars. PPC Advice, Podcast StylePosted by Kevin NewcombIf you're interested in pay-per-click...

  3. Schedule optimization for SES New York

    Podcast & Audio Search Optimization am-12:15pm Conference attendees get free access to Market Motive training and Bruce Clay tools. billion) is #2, YouTube and all other Google “expanded” search sites (1.6 billion) would be #3, and Microsoft's Live...

  4. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 1)

    Multimedia series (podcast and video archive) Google Webmaster Tools: A Comprehensive Guide, Search Engine Journal Google, for example, they have a different DMCA takedown service department for each of their services – one for organic results, one...