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Toolbar Search Capabilities

  1. Yahoo! and Newspaper Consortium Expand Ad Partnership

    toolbar which will be distributed on local newspaper Web sites, providing newspaper Web site users with easy access to the most comprehensive Internet search. s sophisticated ad-serving, targeting and inventory management capabilities.

  2. Daily SearchCast, June 21, 2006: Can Search Build Brands?; Microsoft Execs Surprise Departure; What Search Engine Do Those At Search Engines Use & More!

    Right now the tools include a Firefox plug-in, a Google Toolbar button and a search box you can add to your site. Today's search podcast covers issues on if search can build brand; Microsoft loses a key exec; do people at Google really only...

  3. Google Worried About Microsoft's Browser Advantage? What Advantage?

    Google's for choice, shouldn't the Google home page -- which gets far more users than any browser toolbar -- let users make a search choice? In December, for these and other reasons, Google refused to sign an agreement with Microsoft relating to...

  4. Pseudo-Transcript Of Google Earnings Call

    Sun is valuable for toolbar distribution and other tech. LP: We celebrated 7th birthday by launching a significantly expanded search index, 1000 times larger than the one we started with. That makes Google three times larger than any other search...