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  1. Does No One Get Twitter? Der Spiegel Added To Not List

    After all, the company's "fail whale" is already becoming an icon, and a reflection of Twitter's effort - lifting a whale with a flock of tiny birds. Google lags in its addition of current news items into its main search results and its news search...

  2. Daily SearchCast, July 13, 2006: SES Latino; Yahoo's Expansion To US Hispanic Sites; Google Does Radio Ads Survey & More!

    While there is aerial photography, there's no "Birds Eye" view here. Virtual Earth, including Birds Eye, several months ago. From the looks of the screen capture it seems like an internal tool used at Google is getting ready for prime time.

  3. Daily SearchCast, May 23, 2006: Google Removes Sites Over Hate Speech From News; Google Bug Makes Your Site Seem To Disappear; MSN Gives ODP Description Opt-Out (Hurray!) & More!

    Birds-Eye feature at many UK cities, but expect improvements to that feature by the "end of the summer. Refining, Expanding, Browsing/surfing, Pogo-sticking, Foraging, Scanning eye-tracking) and Reading.