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  1. The New AdWords Opportunities Tab - How to Get the Most Out Of It

    I ran the keywords through Google's Traffic Estimator tool to see if the impressions, clicks and cost estimates were the same as what was provided in the Opportunities tab: clicks per week 978 – 1,190 impressions per week$2.87 - $3.57 cost per week

  2. Keyword Discovery 101, Part 2

    The Google Traffic Estimator toolprovides insight into the amount of traffic and predicted CPC for a given keyword. To generate local keywords, you might like's tool. If you like a tool that puts it all together, check out SEO Book...

  3. Search Marketers' Wish Lists

    A more reliable and accurate Traffic Estimator Tool. I asked many of those same marketers what they would most like to see from search engines in 2008. WeI'll be sharing part 2 of these search marketing wish lists tomorrow.