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Toll Free

  1. Mobile Purchase Path Insights for Successful Mobile Ad Campaigns [Study]

    If an ad or listing doesn’t have local relevance at the time of action, the consumer will move on to the next business so including local phone numbers rather than toll-free numbers is helpful. Local relevance and timing are key in converting...

  2. Search Engines & Opinions: Just How Trustworthy Are Search Results?

    As you can imagine, a search for “second amendment” shows nothing on the yearly death toll; there seems to be an effective lobby against “farm subsidies”; and images for “animal testing” leave nothing to the imagination.

  3. How Google Makes Its Billions: The 20 Most Expensive AdWords Keyword Categories

    Conference Call ( conference call service," "conference calls toll free"); 0.9 percent; $42.05 Insurance keywords are the most searched for on Google, making insurance the most expensive category on Google AdWords and the top PPC money...

  4. Local Online Business Listing Hijacking: Protecting Your Identity

    The would-be claimer tried to change the business name to “Royal Locksmiths” and replace the local phone number with a toll-free number. We called the toll-free number submitted for “Royal Locksmiths” and asked when we could stop in to have a key...