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  1. Google '(Not Provided)' Keywords: 10 Ways to Get Organic Search Data

    Tin foil hats aside, neither of those options make a good case for why Google made the secure search change. SEO professionals have been dealing with the "(not provided)" issue in Google Analytics for a while.

  2. Funny Flirting with Siri; The Apple of My iPhone

    Drawn into Siri's spell, the questions became increasingly personal, only to find that our wise assistant is more like the Tin Man (from The Wizard of Oz) - no heart and incapable of love. This week, I've mostly been playing with Siri.

  3. Virtuality & Mortality: Who Owns The Online Content We Create After We Die?

    But let's be honest- I don't give a tin damn about Facebook. The Oklahoma state legislature in a completely sensible (and therefore somewhat baffling move for a government agency) move, has created a new law regarding virtual property and what...

  4. How the Wal-mart Grinch Stole Black Friday Link Love

    If I didn't just see three executives get off three private jets coming from the same city with tin cups in their hands begging for $25 million from the American people, I would say you couldn't be that stupid.

  5. SearchDay | In Tough Economic Times, Whither Search?

    Tin Foil Hat? Today's Top Story: KevinRyan In Tough Economic Times, Whither Search? SEARCHING FOR MEANING The news about our world's economic conditions aren't just bad, they're insane. What will happen to advertising and marketing dollars as a...

  6. SearchDay | The Geometry of SEM -- What's your Angle?

    Tin Foil Hat? Today's Top Story: CarrieHill The Geometry of SEM -- What's your Angle? LITTLE BIZ When you're competing with hundreds of other Web sites for the attention of just one user, how can you ensure your site stands out?

  7. Tin Foil Hat? I Have Mine On

    Now, I'm not saying that I always wear a tin foil hat. In this same post, Google says a rewritten URL can slightly increase your CTR, although there isn't a "significant disadvantage" in terms of indexing and ranking.

  8. SEW Experts: Tin Foil Hat? I Have Mine On

    In today's organic SEO column, "Tin Foil Hat? Google's intentions are good, but we must also remember that they aren't in the business of helping your Web site rank highly in Google. So when Google advises against URL rewriting in their Webmaster...

  9. Destroying the Myths of SEO and PPC

    I couldn't tell you how many times I've heard conspiracy theorists and those wearing the tin foil hats say, "Google must be undermining my SEO because I don't do PPC. Or, they somehow think PPC helps with SEO.