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  1. YouTube Now Gets More Than 1 Billion Unique Visitors Every Month

    Creation: Gen C is deeply engaged with online video, watching, creating and uploading videos on YouTube. Chmielewski of the LA Times. PSY and Madonna would have to repeat their Madison Square Garden performance in front of a packed house 200,000...

  2. Not Sure Where to Spend Your PPC Dollars? Try Google Insights for Search

    Regardless of what convinced them to give it a try, most times these businesses only have a small budget for online advertising and want to stretch their ad dollars as far as possible. Being a small business, especially one that is just trying to...

  3. IL Affiliate Tax Being Challenged As CA Pass it

    The state of California could collect more than $1 billion a year by taxing Amazon and other online retailers if a bill approved by the Assembly becomes law," NBC LA reported. Last year, Texas sent Amazon a tax bill for $269 million from online...

  4. Smartphone banking has limited mobility

    Figures from the latest bi-annual Unisys Security Index suggest 83% of US consumers, 80% in Spain and 75% in the UK, said they would be comfortable using mobile devices to download online banking apps.

  5. The fourth estate is dead; long live the fourth estate

    A year later, I reported on the battery of online video crews interviewing speakers between sessions at SES Chicago 2008. In our industry, I reported that online publications and group blogs generated close to 88 percent of the coverage of SES...

  6. Former eBay CEO Bids For California Governor Job

    Interestingly, her site is taking donations for the campaign through PayPal - the online payment platform owned by eBay. California faces challenges unlike any other time in its history -- a weak and faltering economy, massive job losses, and an...

  7. Blogging Helps LA Times Find Success Online

    They have focused intently on their online content and it's paying off. It became the #2 online newspaper for the first time in November. It has also boosted what would be a typical feature story in print to an interactive experience online.