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  1. How to Optimize Your Content Strategy With Social Listening

    Through the social listening tool Sysomos, we can see that the term ‘yoga' was mentioned over 12.5 million times in the first half of the year across the most popular social networks. Social media has grown drastically in the past decade.

  2. Germany to Treat Google Like a Public Utility?

    The country's Federal Cartel Office would be given powers to curtail Google's influence, were it decided that it had got too big for its boots, according to a report from the Sunday Times. German officials are reportedly planning to clip the wings...

  3. Twitter Engagement Study: Top Apps, Content Sources & Profiles Among Search Marketers

    The most-shared mainstream media included content from Forbes, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few. The search marketing community is one that can be defined by the topics we write about and share with our colleagues.

  4. How to Implement an Engaging Content Marketing Plan for the Finance Industry

    Blog: Pick a niche to focus on in your blog, and post thought-provoking and authoritative articles in it two to three times a week. How many times have you heard that finances are dull and boring and no one wants to read about them?

  5. 10 Shocking Facts About Content Marketing Today

    Companies that blog 15 times per month get five times more traffic than those that don't If there was ever a question as to whether content is still king, this statistic speaks volumes. However, the content marketing industry is just beginning to...