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  1. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    After posting tweets, they will be added to your profile and appear in your timeline. This works great if you're reading articles online all morning and don't want to tweet everything at once, but don't want to have to remember to go back later to...

  2. Marketing Automation & Search – 3 Strategies for Mutual Success

    Another search for "software solution integration timeline" would typically close within 60 days of that search at 50 percent. Our marketing automation platform showed us that "software solution integration timeline" was a phrase that should...

  3. 5 Ways to Improve Social Engagement in Mobile Apps

    App developers are consistently faced with the following challenge: should we post to a user’s timeline? I can think of no more perfect example than when apps such as Yahoo News or Social Cam post expose the exact articles or videos their users...

  4. Google News Redesigns, Adds YouTube

    Recently, Google News also updated its story pages with a Timeline of Articles and more universal features. Google News is celebrating its 7th anniversary with an update to its homepage. There are new color frames around each section of the page.

  5. Story Pages Get Universal in Google News

    Now, Story Pages may include links to articles, quotes, blogs, photos and a timeline (which was introduced a few weeks ago). When you search Google News, links to articles have been separated into stories.

  6. SearchDay | Do You Track Searcharoundings?

    Google News Contributes to Real-Time News Trend with "Timeline of Articles" Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 16, 2009 Google News has rolled out a "Timeline of articles" so that users can keep track of events as they occur or occurred.