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  1. Influence the Influencers: The Magic of Co-Created Social Content

    Communicate a timeline. Somehow people that love you and what you do gather together and say all kinds of nice things. Right? Well, maybe, if you know how to get the right kinds of attention from other influencers in your community.

  2. Using the DMAIC Process for SEO Projects

    You should have a project completion timeline with savings estimates, improvement goals and how to measure these goals. Conducting SEO projects involves working in a constantly changing environment, an environment where one of the major search...

  3. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    After posting tweets, they will be added to your profile and appear in your timeline. But if you're new to Twitter, you'll quickly realize Twitter seemingly has its own language. However, it isn't as complicated as it may seem at first to get up to...

  4. The Impact of Penguin 2.1: Recovery, Knockout Punches & Fresh Hits

    A Penguin Hit Timeline Can Bring Answers: Based on the amount of Penguin work I do, that meant one thing. Matt just threw a serious wrench into my Friday night (and weekend plans). Similar to previous Penguin updates, I began heavily analyzing...