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Time Warner Advertising Revenue

  1. YouTube Investment in VEVO Would Strengthen its Top Position in Online Video Rankings

    Fullscreen climbed into the second position for the first time with 31.1 million viewers, followed by Maker Studios Inc.with 30 million, Warner Music with 26 million and Machinima with 26 million. The two companies also announced they would share...

  2. Average Viewer Watched 23.2 Hours of Online Video Content in December

    The December 2011 YouTube partner data revealed that video music channels VEVO with 53.5 million viewers and Warner Music with 31.7 million viewers maintained the top two positions. The two companies also said they would share advertising revenue...

  3. SearchDay | Revisiting 2008 Search Predictions

    Round up the usual suspect for the reasons why they've bailed: Warner Music wants more money from the advertising revenue being brought in. Warner Music Not as Thrilled As Universal, Says Goodbye to YouTube Posted by Nathania Johnson Dec 22, 2008...

  4. Time Warner to Split AOL Media and Access Divisions

    It is widely rumored and expected that Time Warner will sell off AOL altogether to a buyer in the online advertising space. After months of speculation, Time Warner has confirmed that it will split AOL's media and internet access divisions.