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  1. The Evolution of Audience Targeting: 3 Opportunities for Marketers

    In the early stages of online advertising, targeting options were predominantly derived from traditional media tactics and focused around demographic, geographic, and time-based information. Challenges arise in tracking consumers into the offline...

  2. Remarketing Across Ad Exchanges With DoubleClick Search

    You have a clear conversion action on your site and you are tracking it using a Floodlight (or multiple Floodlights) in DS. Regardless, as an advertiser, you should waste no time in getting at least a basic remarketing campaign up and running.

  3. Guide to Google Analytics Demographics Reports: Age, Gender & Interests

    This helps you see patterns and changes in Age group activity over time and easily spot your biggest markets as well as new opportunities. When turning the functionality on in your Google Analytics account, you will also find links to Google's...

  4. 10 Shocking Facts About Content Marketing Today

    Automating certain marketing tasks can save your team valuable time that they could put toward other tasks such as lead nurturing. These days, email automation and tracking software make it easy for marketing teams to tackle this portion of their job.

  5. gShift Gives Marketers Additional Ways to Track Content Performance

    Content marketers who are taking the torch in becoming more SEO-friendly and social-friendly when they’re writing their content want to understand specific performance on one blog or a campaign of blogs for a certain period of time," says Chris...

  6. 130 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Search Automation Tool

    What is the average page load time for the location pages? What is [VENDOR NAME]'s point of view as it relates to call tracking and local search optimization? Performing well in local search depends on many different tactics, so finding a partner...

  7. 5 Development Tricks Self-Sufficient Marketers Should Master

    Google Tag Manager was put into place to make our lives as non-coders much easier and limit the amount of effort needed to set up tracking and optimization tools on our websites. Tools like MarkdownPad for Windows and this browser version allow you...