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Tim Bray

  1. A Q&A With Tim Bray

    Danny's post about Tim Bray's cherry tomato test served as a reminder to me that we've never linked to an interesting interview with Tim that was published in the February issue of ACM Queue and recently made available to non-subscribers.

  2. Questioning Google's Counts

    On Search: Sorting Result Lists: Consider this a classic post, from Tim Bray on why it doesn't matter how many pages you think the search engine is sorting through, it's not really happening like that.

  3. Google Toolbar Adds Keyword Browsing to Internet Explorer

    A Conversation about Web Communication with XML Pioneer, Tim Jul 14 2004 0:27AM GMT By default, words typed into the Internet Explorer address bar trigger an MSN search, just as if the words were entered into an MSN search box.

  4. The Best of the International World Wide Web Conferences

    XML co-creator Tim Bray takes on "questions without answer," including How big is the web? Each year, the International World Wide Web Conference provides a showcase for innovative web technologies. Here's a chronological list of significant papers...