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Tim Armstrong

  1. The Social CEO: 6 Reasons Why the CEO Must Lead the Way

    This was demonstrated recently in the wake of a recent event when Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL spoke the words "You're fired" in a conference call with 1,000 employees. LEAKED AUDIO: Listen to AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Fire a Patch Employee in Front of 1...

  2. AOL Serves Google Search Results. But Is Microsoft Doing Their SEO?

    But given the "content farm" changes both engines are supposed to be implementing, having a major agreement with AOL search and a potentially massive use of this Microsoft platform, maybe AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is smartly taking steps to keep his...

  3. Submitting To Article Aggregators Now Wasted Link Building?

    As Tim Armstrong, AOL's CEO, said last year. Okay when Matt Cutts speaks the search industry listens. So is his recent comment on the Google Webmaster Help Videos a good indication that submitting to article aggregators is no longer a way to build...

  4. AOL Names Nine Board Members for Post-Time Warner Separation

    AOL is on a mission to help create the future of media and content and the AOL Board will play a central part in helping us focus the strategy and also operate the company with the highest ethical standards," said AOL CEO Tim Armstrong.