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  1. SearchDay | Show Me the Money: Bidding for Profitability

    NOTE: THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL THREAD - NO POLITICAL COMMENTS. Sometrics Releases Social Media Advertising Management Platform Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 15, 2008 Sometrics today launched "Social Ad Manager," which was designed to help social...

  2. Tips for Google Site and Category Exclusion Tool

    Sounds like the kind of mystery we discuss in the Content Advertising thread within the SEW Forums. To find the tool, click on Tools under Campaign Management. Remember why content campaigns drain ad dollars?

  3. Search Marketers' Wish Lists

    A thread on an aged forum can now rank higher than an entire site on a subject just because the forum is old and has lots of links. A closer integration of tools into account management, such as the ability to add keyword suggestions to your...