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  1. Microsoft's Net Income Increases by 2%

    MSFT was up .28 at the time of this post. It has been widely noted that Microsoft has a bunch of cash on hand, especially since they didn't end up acquiring Yahoo after all (yet). Microsoft announced its earnings for the fiscal quarter ending...

  2. Yahoo 360 Kicks It Up...A Notch

    A post on the Yahoo 360 Blog points out that you can now "kick" your Yahoo 360 space "up a notch" (ala famed chef Emeril Lagasse) with more color, more style, and new themes. The post also has info about the "Blog This" and "Blast This" buttons for...

  3. Real-Time Transportation Finders

    Washington Post Aug 6 2005 9:36PM GMT I wouldn't doubt that one of these days we'll see one of the large online service like Yahoo, MapQuest, or MSN work with NextBus (and other providers) to make this real-time info available on their map products.