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  1. The Dirty Lawsuit Could be First of its Kind in Reputation Management

    The Dirty is a blog owned by Nik Richie (real name Hooman Abedi Karamian) that publishes gossip submitted by some of its 22 million monthly visitors. Even though The Dirty offers a page for removal requests, rarely any postings will be removed.

  2. The Evolution of SEO

    Back to high school again, the burgeoning social media scene gave everyone a voice.and they used it to gossip. Every site could be a partner; every page presented opportunity. SEO must to go beyond the text-on-the-page approach and encompass all...

  3. PR Pros Make Great Search Marketers

    The audience for this type of gossip is one of the biggest on the Web. How do you grab that audience with a small text ad on the page and get your message across to those readers? Channeling that knowledge into a successful landing page program...