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  1. Search and Rescue: How to Become Findable and Shareable in Social Media

    Perhaps most intriguing is that neither Facebook nor MySpace offer true search functionality -- but they still account for increasing search activity. In 18th and 19th place, Facebook and MySpace also make appearances in the top 20 list respectively.

  2. Hot Rumor: Google is Launching a New Music Service

    Search and 6.3x more than MySpace. Last week, 15 percent of the clicks from the search term portfolio of Music that includes the names of over 900 band and artist names resulted in a visit to a Google property, especially YouTube, among the Top 10...

  3. U.S. Online Video Market Soars in July to 21.4 Billion Videos Viewed

    The average online video viewer watched 500 minutes of video, or 8.3 hours.million viewers watched 8.9 billion videos on -- an average of 74.1 videos per viewer.million viewers watched 518.6 million videos on -- an average...

  4. 3 Common Social Media Mistakes

    A good reality check: not too long ago, Technorati, Friendster, and MySpace were about to conquer the world. Imagine if you'd invested heavily two years ago in MySpace development. This might be a little unnerving because MySpace just laid off 30...

  5. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    Hi5 is a social network site similar to Facebook, Orkut, and MySpace. MySpace is a popular social networking site that lets friends share, message, and stay connected. Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation acquired MySpace in June 2005.