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  1. Carol Bartz Paints Yahoo! in a Different Light

    Bartz took to the stage at the annual All Things D conference to be interviewed by Kara Swisher. Watch highlights from Kara Swisher's interview with Carol Bartz here. Swisher's column at All Things D is a popular one, though and their opposite...

  2. Yahoo Execs Bad Mouthing AOL!

    The Wall Street Journal blog, All Things D, just posted an entry by Kara Swisher, that details the grumblings of some top Yahoo managers overheard at a luncheon CEO Jerry Yang was having with his SVPs and others.

  3. BoomTown Calls Out TechCrunch: No Google-Digg Buyout

    But Kara Swisher at Boomtown has the real scoop, albeit a less sexy one. Swisher says that a $60 to 80 million price tag is a more realistic offer, according to the acquiring types she spoke to. Even Digg CEO Jay Alderson broke Digg's "we don't...