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  1. Is Zunch Communications' Bankruptcy a Sign of Things to Come?

    Disclosure: Jupitermedia, former corporate parent of Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies, is an unsecured creditor in the Zunch Communications bankruptcy, as are Wright and Jackson. Zunch Communications has declared bankruptcy, but...

  2. Daily SearchCast, July 19, 2006: Yahoo Stock Drops On Panama Ad System Delay; Google Finance Gets Conference Call Transcripts; Yahoo Gets House Pricing Data; A Semantic Web Smackdown? & More!

    Part of the purchase meant that Jupitermedia would continue to host Search Engine Watch for a year. Jupitermedia. About a year ago, Incisive Media purchased Search Engine Watch from Engine Watch Server Change

  3. And We're Back....

    All of the Jupitermedia-hosted sites (they still host us, though we are now owned by Incisive) went down. Sorry if you were trying to reach Search Engine Watch earlier and couldn't connect. Nope, I don't know why yet.

  4. Google's Matt Cutts On Link Selling: Sites Might Not Pass Reputation; Buyers Might Get Targeted More

    That box is the internet.commerce box I mentioned in my earlier story, which Search Engine Watch itself used to carry when it was part of Jupitermedia. Visit our existing O'Reilly In Off-Topic Link Selling Debate in our Search Engine Watch Forums...