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  1. Rosalind Franklin and Photo 51 Honored in Google Doodle

    Her work with coal was the basis for her thesis, earning her a PhD from Cambridge University. On what would have been her 93rd birthday, today's Google Doodle honors Rosalind Franklin. Franklin took an X-ray diffraction image of the DNA molecule in...

  2. Penguin 2.0 Forewarning: The Google Perspective on Links

    This notion is at the very core of the original PageRank thesis. First and foremost, I don't work for Google. This article represents my opinions, but my company has worked on helping large numbers of sites get Google penalties removed.

  3. Inorganic vs. Organic Backlinking Strategies: Getting Back to Basics

    In the academic world, when content is published in the form of a thesis there are citations within the content that point to other relevant content from authoritative sources that support the content, thus making it more relevant to the reader.

  4. How to Focus Your PPC Analysis & Optimization

    Prioritization is critical so that you can get to the data that will help you prove or disprove your thesis as well as achieve your goals as quickly as possible. But that doesn’t mean we can’t also increase productivity when managing campaigns.

  5. Matt Cutts, Social Signals, Author Authority, Ranking Factors & Google Realtime

    The argument for why social sharing measures, such as Twitter retweets and Facebook 'Likes' should form the basis of the social graph is part of the thesis that linking no longer carries the voting power it once did because it is too easily...

  6. Human-flesh Search Engines Unearth Dark Side of Online Community

    Jin Liwen, the technology analyst, came of age in China just as Internet access was becoming available and wrote her thesis at M.I.T.on Chinese B.B.S.s. Earlier this year, Tom Downey of the New York Times published a fascinating piece entitled...