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Theme Music

  1. SEO Into 2014: The Irreversible Changes in Google's Products

    In the same way that users seek out curated listening experiences by thememusic for “Taking a Sunny Stroll” – they too will be more open to exploring reservation options for “fine dining restaurants Montreal", “Lower East Side boutiques”, or...

  2. 7 Video Tips for Crowdfunding Campaign Magnetism and Results

    Building on these seven tips – picture James Bond and the timeless 007 theme song in your mind’s eye. Create audible, brief video that uses cutaways and music as appropriate. Crowdfunding campaigns with video are more likely to attract and raise...

  3. Mary Blair Google Doodle Honors Artist's 100th Birthday

    She saw the world in a fresh, new way and brought a special childlike beauty and gaiety to the works of print, theme parks and movies. Another facet of her professional life was the design of theatrical sets, including holiday sets for Radio City...

  4. Martha Graham Dance Animates Google Logo With Ryan Woodward Art

    I was hoping for a Monty Python theme, but this logo could be a classic. Martha Graham's impact on dance was staggering and often compared to that of Picasso's on painting, Stravinsky's on music, and Frank Lloyd Wright's on architecture.

  5. 7 Mini-Games To Play and Socialize With Friends in Second Life

    Clubs and venues will often hold events that will have an overall theme. The idea is basically to hold a a masquerade and dress up according to the theme -- you are limited only by your imagination and can interpret the theme as you please.

  6. David Meerman Scott on The New Rules of Marketing and PR

    David started with a story of Cindy Gordon, the marketing executive at Universal Theme Parks who launched the Harry Potter theme park. His marketing and editorial experience includes positions with Acronym Media, The NPD Group and Sony Music...

  7. SES Day 1 Keynote: David Meerman Scott [LIVE BLOG]

    He's launches right into a story about launching the Harry Potter theme park. What people really care about is themselves and what works for "If you take crappy content and search engine optimize it, you have slightly less crappy