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  1. Stoxx leads the way with value-focused smart-beta service

    It is about] doing something that helps clients work better, not necessarily creating a new investment theme. It aims to provide a stable investment strategy based on the theme of low beta and long-term performance," says Alfinito.

  2. Google Shopping: Product Listing Ad & Feed Optimization Tips & Best Practices [Videos]

    The last reason and kind of the overarching theme is that if you don't control the feed as an agency or as a retailer, you really don't have any control over your Google Product Listing Ads campaign. It is obvious that their product development...

  3. How to Spot Bad Data Within Your PPC Campaigns & What to do About It

    The theme here is the same as some of the topics on this list: this isn’t necessarily, "bad" data but we need to take into account other external factors that are impacting our performance. Usually someone on the development team is making changes...

  4. ROPE: 4 Essentials for Global Integrated Digital Marketing

    It may seem that “enthusiasm” simply makes a nice “e” for “rope,” but in fact my original goal was to have “passion” listed as the most essential theme for global integration. There is no substitute for having real “locals” provide input to content...

  5. SEO & Website Redesign: Relaunching Without Losing Sleep

    Google is looking at this so be sure there is a clear view of the overall site theme as well as sub-themes flowing into the site through an appropriate folder structure. Relaunching your site when these elements have been indexed by the engines...

  6. SEOs Expect ROI, Headcounts & Influence to Increase in 2013 at Conductor #C3NY

    A theme which emerges from the report is just how buoyant the industry feels right now. However, what is of note is that 'content development' was the top goal - beating 'scaling keywords' and 'measuring ROI on search'.

  7. Getting Ahead Of The Competition - An 8 Step Approach Using Share Of Voice

    First, ensure that you track data by product, brand, theme, project or any logical grouping that makes business sense. The development of SEO technology has provided search marketers with a wealth of choice in tools and data from providers like...