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  1. Dealing With Onsite Duplicate Content Issues

    Google Webmaster Tools: Use Google Webmaster Tools to trace duplicate content in meta description and title description. The canonical tag is found in the header of a Web page.Use Meta Tags: Use meta tags to tell search engines which pages you do...

  2. The Evolution of SERPs and User Behaviors

    USP or CTA first and foremost in your meta description Action words at the beginning of your title tag Long, descriptive title tags and meta descriptions were advantageous because people wanted to know as much as possible about what they’d find...

  3. Evolving Your SEO: Moving Toward a Content Marketing Approach

    Make sure that each piece of content has an optimized title tag, keyword-focused copy, strong meta description, and optimized inbound links from related content. This is an excerpt of a search-informed content plan for a computer retailer that...

  4. 10 Website Quality Indicators That Can Sink Your SEO Battleship

    Make sure your CMS software does not use a common titles or description across the site pages or site sections. Use scripting to keep pages hidden from Google ( our your pages that have one piece or content on it that is the same as the...

  5. How To Use HTML Meta Tags

    Here's a code example of meta tags: head> title>Not a Meta Tag, but required anyway meta name="description" content="Awesome Description Here"> meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8"> head>

  6. In-House SEO: Top 3 SEO Initiatives Before the Year End Freeze

    SEO Change 1: Title re in-house, then not many meetings and approvals are needed to change the title tag and meta description on your site. A good title tag is no more than 45-49 characters and around 150-200 characters for the meta description.

  7. Optimizing 3 Types of Content on YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare

    Meta Description: Your image page's meta description is the description of the image. Meta Description: Your video page's meta description is pulled from the video description you enter. Meta Description: The meta description for your presentation...