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  1. Google Catalogs Design Tips: How to Best Showcase Your Products

    The Google Catalogs dashboard gives publishers the option of uploading a PDF file with pages that are individual pages or with pages that are “spreads”. Publishers can’t upload the same PDF file to Google Catalogs that they send to the printing press.

  2. Search Medica - The GPs Search Engine

    Results are drawn from web pages, .pdf files and full text journal articles. Search Medica is a search engine that has been specifically designed for GPs (General Practitioners or Doctors) to use. Pulse, a UK weekly news magazine for doctors...

  3. Daily SearchCast, July 6, 2006: $800 Million In Click Fraud Or Not?; Does Google Need An Ombudsman?; Google Jockeying In The Classroom & More! (Corrected MP3 File)

    You can find the update on the Google investors page with a link to a PDF document for Google's March 31, 2006 Google files patents for shopping offline with online assistance, a secondary map in Google Maps, and an updated review aggregator.

  4. Court Documents & Summary Of United States Versus Google Over Search Data

    Declaration Of Joel McElvain (PDF File) Declaration Of Philip B Stark (PDF File) The Government said that it has received compliance from search entities with files containing no personally identifying information.