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  1. Replicating the Web: Will Google Dominate Mobile Search?

    So the plan is essentially to build a large contextual ad network and a base of search traffic on one end. Before Google was a search behemoth with 63 percent share, it built itself up by distributing its search box and text ads with the...

  2. Google Mobile Advertising: Start Now!

    Why stray from the focus on contextual advertising that's the cornerstone (and title) of this column? One important guideline will keep you safe: people are unlikely to type "long tail" terms into the Google Mobile search box.

  3. PR Pros Make Great Search Marketers

    The increased transparency in contextual campaigns currently allowed by the major search engines has made our job both harder and easier at the same time. Contextual Ads Recently, we’ve been pushing more and more of our clients into hard-core...