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  1. Optimizing Search and Digital Marketing With Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling [#CZLSF]

    It’s critical that the master tag is across all digital touch points and that the tag management system that you use provides the ability to tag each individual component correctly so you can do multivariate testing when it comes to optimizing the...

  2. Landing Page Optimization: How to Identify Testing Opportunities

    Multivariate Testing (MVT): Cutroni likes to compare MVT to using a scalpel – it's an opportunity to really fine-tune the pages and the content on your site once you start testing. A 4 Step Multivariate Testing Process That Works

  3. Why Your Organization Needs a Culture of Testing & How to Make it Happen

    Whether you’re running them manually or using technology to manage multivariate testing, plot out a matrix of attributes and then consider the combinations. When they understand and allow you – and even encourage you – to run meaningful tests, you...

  4. Taguchi Sucks for Landing Page Testing

    I recently spoke on the multivariate testing panel at eMetrics in San Francisco. A subset of Multivariate testing is known as "Design of Experiments" (DoE) and is also called "fractional factorial". People claim to get really good results with...

  5. Google Website Optimizer Tool is Out of Beta!

    GWO is a free tool for running A-B split and multivariate landing page tests. Easier Multivariate test setup - Based on user feedback, Google has improved the setup flow for multivariate experiments, with more straightforward tagging instructions...

  6. How to Measure Customer Satisfaction with Web Analytics

    This is the practice of conducting A/B tests or multivariate tests to find which version, or versions, of your Web page brings the best results. Imagine the power of performing A/B or multivariate tests combined with this type of survey data.

  7. Data Segmentation: Web Site Analytics for PPC

    A/B split tests and multivariate testing enable more sophisticated customer segmentation and merchandising. Slicing and dicing visitor data provides greater visibility into their behavior patterns. Armed with this knowledge, you can modify Web site...

  8. Split Traffic, Raise Conversion Rates, Repeat, Multiply

    As you might predict, multivariate or multi-variable testing tests many different variables simultaneously. A number of companies use proprietary technology to do sophisticated multivariate testing. Multivariate Testing