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  1. Lost and Found: How Top E-Commerce Brands Stack Up With Site Search

    Only 34 percent allowed shoppers to "easily iterate on their query by prefilling it in the search field on the results page, despite the fact that, according to our tests, users frequently need to iterate on their query - on average, 65 percent of...

  2. Microsoft Tests Specialized Chips for Increased Search Speed

    The speed of search results and page loads is increasingly becoming a very important component of doing business on the Web. And before landing on Catapult, Microsoft's team tested many different options, which either complicated server design or...

  3. Mastering the PPC Challenge: A Beginner’s Guide [#CZLSF]

    Aside from keywords, ad copy, and having a great landing page – how can you be more relevant? Your landing page shouldn’t contain too much text, but have a strong call to action Max CPC greater than or less than top of page

  4. How to Create an Effective PPC Competitive Intelligence Report in 3 Easy Steps

    For a top-level overview of the competitive landscape, make the columns your individual metrics that you want to track such as ad copy, top keywords, offer, landing page, CPC, etc. What type of content do they have on their landing pages?

  5. 5 Critical Factors for Optimized Mobile PPC Targeting

    The second landing page rendered properly but was a bit squeezed for my device's screen. The third page is poorly optimized for mobile, PCs and just about any device (sorry to be picking on anyone). For example, I arrived at the three landing pages...