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Testing Google Structured Data

  1. Your Guide to Structured Snippets for SEO

    Fortunately, Google offers a free, official Structured Data Testing Tool that can give you an accurate preview of any URL as it would appear (snippets and all) in the SERPs. Rich snippets and structured snippets differ in several ways, but the most...

  2. The Perennial SEO Audit – Creating an Effective Framework for Keeping Your Campaign Running at Peak Performance

    Review meta tags and structured data markup Review Webmaster Tools report for Google and Bing Pingdom website speed testing tool SEO audits are immensely popular. Especially when an agency is newly hired by a company, the first few weeks are...

  3. Google Webmaster Tools Adds Debugging Support in Structured Data Dashboard

    They can go and test those snippets with the Structured Data Testing Tool in order to test for errors and correct them, according to what Google discovers. Because structured data is becoming so much more important for webmasters to implement when...

  4. Metadata & You: Best Practices, Benefits & Implementation Made Easy

    Due to the scope and complexity of, it pays to check the quality of your code with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Formed from an alliance of the biggest search providers to create a common structured data protocol,

  5. Structured Data First Steps: Adding Schema Location Markup to Your Website

    When I then tested this exact code in a live web page and ran the URL through the Structured Data Tester, I received the following results: You can tweak it for styling, but be sure you're testing your changes in Google's Structured Markup Validation.

  6. Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool Gets New Name, Design, Languages

    Google announced improvements to their rich snippet testing tool late last week, including a new moniker: the Structured Data Testing Tool. The tool is now available in languages other than English to help webmasters from around the world build...