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  1. Learn With Google: 10 Mobile Marketing Tips from Googlers at #SESSF

    Get to Know Google Mobile Ad Types to Better Connect When it Matters Most Among their mobile ad types, Google offers click-to-download, mobile ad sitelinks, click-to-call in-app ads, and extensions for offers, calls, location, and more.

  2. Recharge Your PPC Profitability: 5 Ways to Diagnose & Treat a Paid Search Slump

    Could your “all” search query report indicate that there is room for additional ad groups with more focused ads? Separating out low-quality score keywords into their own ad groups. As most PPC managers well know, quality score has a big impact on...

  3. Google Grants: An Introductory Search Advertising Guide for Nonprofits

    In terms of generally setting up and running your ads, you'll want to use typical best practices (e.g.doing keyword research around your focus areas, having tightly-themed campaigns, ad groups and ads to your keywords, writing copy with clear call...

  4. How to Spot Bad Data Within Your PPC Campaigns & What to do About It

    For one client we noticed that our brand traffic started to degrade quickly but everything looked OK; average ad position was holding steady, impression share hadn’t changed. After some discussion we learned that the client has stopped all of their...