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  1. Governments Ask Google to Turn a Blind Eye

    TerraFly from Florida International University In Governments Tremble at Google's Bird's-Eye View, the New York Times writes about several governments who have expressed alarm. South Korean officials have said they fear that Google Earth lays bare...

  2. Satellite/Aerial Images Plus Local Info

    With all of the interest in satellite and aerial images these days I thought TerraFly, a service from Florida Int. Terrafly not only offers interactive satellite/aerial images but also provides local info for most of these images.

  3. Super Cool: Interact With Satellite and Aerial Images With NASA's World Wind Program

    Finally, I'm happy to see that Chris mentioned TerraFly in his article today. I thought I would toss out another cool satellite and aerial image tool on our blog since Chris wrote about Google Local adding satellite images from Keyhole in SearchDay.