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  1. to Cut 8%, Revamp Search Plans

    Late last week, rumors were flying that would get rid of its Teoma search algorithm and outsource search to Google. An spokesperson told SEW at the time those rumors were "just plain false," adding that "There are no plans to 'pull...

  2. Highlights from the SEW Blog: February 25-29, 2008

    If Ask dismantled its Teoma engine, would Ask still be Ask? SEW Experts: Google AdWords Contextual Advertising Mystery SolvedReaders have tried running placement-targeted campaigns, and found many AdSense publisher sites don't seem to be available...

  3. Search Engine Results Chart

    Teoma Teoma Teoma For example, in a search at Google, the main results are typically editorial listings that come from Google having crawled the web. For example, Google crawls the web itself for the main results it shows.

  4. The Search Engine Report - Number 119

    USA Today Asks Teoma Who? Click Fraud Dropping Amongst Google Why Can't Others Catch Up To Google? Upcoming Search Engine Strategies Events + Renewing With SES CBS News Stories In Google Earth Upload Videos To Google's Picasa

  5. Search Forums Roundup: May 5, 2006

    New Commercials Starring Teoma's Founder - Amazon Ditches Google For Microsoft - Google Objects To Microsoft's IE7 Search Default - Thoughts On New Click Fraud Index & Network? Today's SearchDay, Search Engine Forums Spotlight, features our...

  6. Search Engines Forum Spotlight

    New Commercials Starring Teoma's Founder Search Engine Roundtable Forums Google wants users to be giving a choice in picking a search provider -- something that plenty are noting doesn't happening in Firefox or Opera, where Google pays to...