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  1. Google Doodlers Pay A Call On Charles Addams' 100th Birthday

    While only on the air for two seasons, the episodes continue airing with regularity on cable stations, fueled by nostalgia and popularity. Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday and Pugsley were given names when the television show was first developed.

  2. FCC Passed "White Space" What Does It Mean

    The FCC agreed to open the "white space" - the broadcast spectrum used by over the air television - to use by others apart from the regulated television stations, by a vote of 5-0 yesterday. This is a major accomplishment that companies such as...

  3. SearchDay | Obama is Winning the Internet War

    FCC Chairman Kevin Martin in Favor of Freeing Up White Space TV Spectrum Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 16, 2008 FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is in favor of freeing up the "white spaces" in the tv spectrum between television stations.

  4. Larry Page to Keynote White Spaces Advocacy Event in DC

    If you're unaware, white spaces are a unused airwaves between TV stations. Opponents say that it will interfere with the television signals. Tomorrow, Google co-founder Larry Page will keynote the "Broadband for the Future Event" in Washington, DC.

  5. For Local Search, It's All About the Online-Offline Gap

    I can do everything: create our AdWords campaign, choose the newspapers and stations, upload radio spots, negotiate with publishers, see and hear our actual ads, and track performance down to the city level with Google Analytics," said GolfNow...