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  1. Top Manufacturers of Consumer Goods Using PPC for Brand Awareness

    Some of the top manufacturers of consumer packaged goods (CPG) – those products like soda, candy, liquor, and toothpaste – are using paid search not for direct sales, but for brand awareness – just like they would television ads.

  2. New MPAA Report Blames Google, Search Engines for Piracy

    I applaud the MPAA for their efforts to address online piracy of movies and television shows," Chu said. The television and movie community is working every day to develop new and innovative ways to watch content online, and as the Internet's...

  3. Oklahoma Uses YouTube TrueView Ads to Boost Tourism for a Song [Case Study]

    She and her colleagues Jennifer Kalkman, Director of Digital Marketing, and Dick Dutton, Director of Travel Promotion, have diverse backgrounds (public affairs, finance, and broadcast television) but pride themselves in thinking and acting as a team.

  4. Crowdsourcing Gone Wrong: How Brands Can Avoid Messy Marketing Mistakes

    We've all heard about the wisdom of crowds, with Wikipedia and even entire industry of television voting shows attempting to prove the paradigm. By involving their audience to make them feel like their input is listened to, a brand can build...