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  1. 3 Keys to Activating an Audience with Smarter Content

    The holy grail of content marketing is to make the process as predictable, repeatable, and scalable as the 30-second television spot or the banner ad without giving up the organic authenticity that distinguishes good branded content from marketing...

  2. Obama vs. Romney: Search for Next President Reveals Astonishing Facts

    Honestly, with so many ludicrous reality shows on television now, do we really need another one in the form of a presidential nominee? Interestingly enough, the ads above have a surprisingly low click-through rate, and approximately 19 percent of...

  3. Google April Fools' Day Pranks 2012: 8-Bit Maps, Chrome Multitask Mode & More!

    Google TV Click: Control Television Google TV Click will let you control the actors and locations of any and every television show or movie you're watching, whether its "Star Wars" (blast Jar Jar Binks to a galaxy far, far away!

  4. Richard Petty Driving Experience Revs Up Fan Engagement 700% on YouTube

    The Richard Petty Driving Experience’s channel on YouTube was already loaded with great content from television news coverage, ESPN footage and reality shows. Crazy good, in my book,” says Antal, adding that, unlike other ad programs, TrueView in...

  5. Online Video Trends in 2011: From YouTube Mobile to Major Redesign

    Today there’s increasingly just video, and it’s available everywhere: on a phone, a tablet, a laptop or a television screen, in your office, on your couch, in a cab. And YouTube started referring to Promoted Videos as TrueView in-search and...

  6. Running Online Video Ads Alongside TV Doubles Brand Recall [Study]

    If you've got enough bucks for a television campaign, how should you think about incorporating YouTube into the mix? A recent YouTube/Ipsos study explored the interaction between traditional TV advertising and YouTube pre-roll

  7. YouTube Does More Than Round Up the Usual Suspects With New Channels

    As Kyncl said in his post on the YouTube Blog, “Cable television expanded our viewing possibilities from just a handful of channels to hundreds, and brought us some of the most defining media experiences of the last few decades -- think MTV, ESPN...