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  1. Here's What Google's Labeled Search Results Could Look Like in Europe

    So far, Foundem CEO Shivaun Raff wasn't very impressed, telling the Telegraph it's a "half-hearted attempt to dilute [Google's] anti-competitive effects. The European Commission is now seeking feedback on Google's cosmetic search result changes...

  2. Rupert Murdoch Outfoxed? Google Can Resume 'Stealing' His Content

    However, The Telegraph reported that Murdoch has had a change of heart and will now let the firm back in with its indexing. Media magnate Rupert Murdoch has backed down from blocking Google and says that he will let the search engine index his...

  3. Search Marketing & the Fine Art of Nexting

    The powerful words in the ads we looked at earlier clearly telegraph some expectations. They telegraph a clean, professional site that focuses on why this stuff works, and why just about any woman can learn the skills to protect herself.

  4. Do Marines Need A Few Good Tweeters? Pentagon Wants Social Media Experts

    Social media will change the nature of warfare just as surely as the telegraph, the radio and the telephone did, and the Pentagon is fearful of being caught short," the New York Times noted. The U.S.military sees social networking as a source of...