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  1. LNG market participants shun Japanese forwards

    The total number of counterparties that have signed up is believed to be in the high teens, with Switzerland-based trading house Vitol the only non-Japanese player. Contract hit by lack of interest and fears over pricing methodology

  2. Structured credit makes a return as investors seek yield

    On the non-banking side, SGX stood apart from its peers: as the global offshore Japan equity derivative venue it is expected that 2014 would have seen a dramatic drop in the exchange's activity – and indeed Nikkei futures were down by a number in...

  3. 10 New Media Trends Shaping the Lives of Modern Consumers @ClickZLive #CZLNY

    The Fear of Missing Out, especially with today's teens, is overwhelming. The new ClickZ Live conference series kicked off in New York this morning with a keynote from Randi Zuckerberg, chief executive of Zuckerberg Media and former director of...

  4. Conquering Content Marketing in 5 Steps: It All Starts With a Plan

    It's got to resonate with teens. Seventy-two years. That's how long the popular daytime soap opera, "Guiding Light" aired. What's amazing about this show isn't the fact that it is the longest running television drama in history, nor is it the fact...

  5. New Google Privacy Policy Combines User Data From All Google Services

    Even if the company believes that tracking users across all platforms improves their services, consumers should still have the option to opt out — especially the kids and teens who are avid users of YouTube, Gmail and Google Search.

  6. Almost 75% of Active American Social Networkers Shop Online [Study]

    Female teens are better represented on Tumblr than any other social network.percent of page views on Facebook come from female users. Nielsen’s third quarter study, “State of the Media: The Social Media Report,” examines the increasing influence of...

  7. Second Life Teen Grid Merger: The Kids Are All Right... But The Minders Are A Problem

    With no absolute requirement on age verification (until recently, and then only to access adult areas, not mature ones) The teens that are coming over now are the ones who were honest about their ages in the first place, and have no particular...